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Gear Boxes


This is regarding, refurbishing, and reconditioning on all worn-out, broken, chipped, and even cracked parts. In today's highly competitive business climate the demand for quality and cost-effective solutions is utmost.

How many times has your company sent out parts or equipment for repairs, just to find out they can't repair it or handle them. Now your company has paid unnecessary freight charges. And when ordering new parts, they can take forever to come in.

Our company can put a stop to all of these inconveniences. We have been repairing equipment in virtually every industry for years. Our company has earned the reputation of providing high-quality workmanship and products which offer a long, trouble-free service life. This, combined with the knowledge of our customer's business, allows us to achieve the most cost-effective solutions for your machining, polishing, and grinding requirements.

All of our work carries a 24-48 month warranty. Unlike our competitors, our warranty coverage doesn't begin until you install the parts.

Our company has FREE pick-up and delivery in U.S. on all shapes, sizes, and weights.

We are here to save your company money, time, and downtime. Savings for your company can go up to 50%.

We are not trying to put down reliable vendors. We have the capabilities of all types of grinding O.D.I.D. grinding flat, surface, horizontal, vertical milling, lathe capacities, spline, and complete gear-cutting.

We have the capability to manufacture gears with OEM parts when they're not available. We specialize in rebuilding, resharpening, rehardening, resurfacing, and refurbishing.

Prime Gear Repair 
Before and After Gearing

No parts are scrap. We can save them. The reason for our confidence in our work is because, with our unique grinding capabilities, most times we can repair and return equipment and parts back and running condition within 5 working days minimum.